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Tellico Plains Weather Forecast, TN


Spring along the CHEROHALA SKYWAY

Spring along the Cherohala Skyway is literally the "awakening of the forest after a long winter’s nap". Wildflowers spring from the ground throughout these months. The annual rites begin early as red maple blooms in red and serviceberry in white. Around mid-spring the dogwoods and redbuds join the Spring along the Skywayflowering show.

Temperatures are usually moderate during this season. Typical spring weather is windy and warm. Daytime temperatures often climb into the 70s, but can cool quickly at night.

Spring is a time to be careful with fires because the dry and windy conditions can change a campfire to a wildfire. Please be careful.

Spring is a great time to get outdoors. Hiking, camping, fishing and cycling are all activities to enjoy along the Cherohala Skyway. If you like photographing nature, spring wildflowers and native wildlife are in abundance. Remember though, harassing or feeding wildlife is illegal and can be dangerous. Black bears are very active in thSpring along the Skywaye spring of the year and should be left alone.