"A Road Through Beauty....The Cherohala Skyway, dedicated in October 1996, connects Tellico Plains, Tenn. with Robbinsville, N.C. The 50-mile scenic highway is named from a combination of the Cherokee and Nantahala national forests, which it traverses. The Skyway is designated as a National Scenic Byway by the Federal Highway Administration, one of only 20 such roadways in the nation."
Article By Vickie Rozema, Blue Ridge Country Magazine

There is a reason that driving the Cherohala Skyway feels familiar: The long straightaways and sweeping curves have been used as the backdrop for a number of car commercials in the past decade. The spectacular views and winding roads have earned the skyway a reputation as a “road enthusiast’s dream.” Article by Jodi Helmer, Home & Away Magazine

"Cold rushing water splashes under heavy hooves, while wagon wheels jar against smooth rounded river stones. Within the wagon bed passengers’ rock back and forth like the swaying of an out-of-line swing. Crossing the shallow river ford, dry trail awaits the teamsters as they drive the lead horses on, flicking the reigns to keep up the steady pace. Ahead the old trail winds along as it climbs up and over the steep, remote gaps of the Unicoi Mountain Wilderness (also known as the Unaka Mountains.)"
The Blue Ridge Highlander.com

"First, there were people who really thought they could get the 43-mile road finished across the rugged Appalachian Mountains, connecting the sleepy towns of Tellico Plains, Tennessee and Robbinsville, North Carolina. Okay, okay. So, in 1996, after 30 years and $100 million, the road was finished and dedicated."
America's Byways

"In comparison to the Great Smokies, the Cherohala Skyway is not a well known place, so there are less people around. This only adds to the opportunities for superior photography. Recently myself and the infamous photographer "Mule" Patterson took a full-day trip across the Cherohala."
Article from Digital Darrell Web Site.

"The Cherohala Skyway’s 36-miles of scenic mountain views rival any scenic byway in the eastern United States. Mountaintops, waterfalls and waterways joined together with wildlife and giant trees, adorn this high country of eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina. The average trip over the Skyway takes 2 1/2-hours, if you just want to drive and view scenery. I would recommend setting aside the best part of the day to enjoy some of the bigger than life features the Cherohala Skyway and Unicoi Mountain Wilderness have to offer."
The Blue Ridge Highlander.com

"Here comes the first "Oh, my" view: Turkey Creek Overlook, elevation 2,630 feet. On the western horizon, past the Cherokee National Forest, lies the Tennessee River Valley. Catch it at sunset, if you can. Oh, my!"
From Southern Living Magazine, Sept., 2001, by Mark G. Stith

"Before you leave Tellico Plains, top off your tank and pack a picnic-you’ll find no gas stations or restaurants on this route. You begin at 880 feet in elevation and, over the next 30 road miles, climb nearly a mile higher,
reaching the route’s highest point, 5,390 feet, at the Santeetlah Overlook. Stop here for lunch or at any of the numerous photo overlooks and picnic areas. Take your time. this route was built for sightseeing."
"The Road Less Traveled", National Geographic Magazine, by Michael Ray Taylor

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